Fitted Wardrobes in Loft Conversion

Our top Attic Fitted Wardrobes ideas for your loft conversion

To enhance the storage capacity of your attic bedroom, fitted wardrobes in a loft conversion are an excellent solution. Loft conversions often have rooms with unusual shapes, such as sloping ceilings, angled walls, alcoves and eaves. This could make it challenging to find suitable free standing furniture. Therefore, fitted furniture is the optimal choice to fully utilize all available space in your loft conversion. Regardless of how irregular the space is, we can design and construct a fitted wardrobe in your loft extension that will perfectly adapt to any shape of your room and provide ample storage for your clothes.

This page displays a collection of our previously completed loft fitted wardrobes, which we hope will inspire you in selecting your ideal design.

A large pull out drawer under the sloping ceiling is fitted in the loft wardrobe.

The design for this conventional loft extension wardrobe, fitted with a large pull-out drawer situated beneath the slanted ceiling, was intended to incorporate a pull-out laundry basket at the end. To avoid collision with the ceiling when opening, one of the wardrobe doors is truncated at the top.

Wardrobe in the attic with simple doors

A plain-doored fitted wardrobe is constructed in an attic beneath the sloping ceiling.

Loft fitted wardrobes with chest of drawer

In the loft extension, there are two built-in wardrobes. One of these wardrobes, as evident, is positioned under the slope and incorporated with a chest of drawers.

An L-shaped wardrobes in the Loft room

A corner-built attic closet with a shallow area under the incline is perfect for storing all your clothes in one location, providing an immense amount of storage space.

Loft fitted wardrobe with floating shelves

This loft wardrobe, complete with three adjacent floating shelves, offers abundant storage for your clothing within the wardrobe and additional space for books on the shelves.

Large loft fitted wardrobe under the slope

This wardrobe in the attic, built with simple doors and cut out handles, offers ample storage space within.

L-shaped attic wardrobe

L-shaped loft wardrobe with plain doors

Small fitted wardrobes in a loft conversion

Attic eaves storage ideas

Some ideas for loft storage in eaves.

If you’d like to see more ideas of the bedroom fitted furniture, not only loft wardrobes but also standard fitted wardrobes in the bedrooms.